Summer Launchpad

Summer  Launchpad is a 8 week business incubator organized by Lutes in Lappeenranta. Goal of the program is to help teams or individual entrepreneurs to establish a company based on a previously found idea or on a completely new one found during the program´s workshops. 


During the summer we’ll go through the basics of entrepreneurship and build your business. You can apply with or without a team or idea, then we will focus on building a good team and idea at first. For the ready built teams and ideas we will start accelerating the idea and reach for heights in shorter time.  


The first weeks are about entrepreneurship and critical matters in entrepreneur’s life and business’ effectiveness. During the eight weeks of Summer Launchpad the focus is on building a business and developing the idea. Participants will get to know basic principle in startup-scene called fail fast. This technique will allow idea developing and testing as fast as possible.


Incubator goes through themes such as pivoting, iterating, funding, legal matters and scaling a business. Summer Launchpad will have professional visitors to teach about subjects told above. After Summer Launchpad some of the teams will continue with their startup and every participant has the capabilities of building a business without general mistakes. Participating in Summer Launchpad is also valuable in corporate world, because the lessons learnt in Summer Launchpad will prepare individuals for more active and effective way of working and understanding of managing a business.


The only thing an applicant needs to enter Summer Launchpad is the passion and attitude for business. We are scouting for the best individuals and teams. The first step for you is to convices us of why you should be a part of Summer Launchpad. Be creative and descriptive. Your motivation is your entry ticket for Summer Launchpad. Also if you’re a LUT or Saimia student, ask us about direct benefits to your studies!



Summer Launchpad is held 5.6. - 28.7. and it's fully free for participants.

2 Tracks

Social and Health track

Social and health track is for all teams who are looking to startup in the field of health care. The track is powered by 4H with the Hope4you -project. During the summer, we will provide you with the best coaches from the sector and the know-how of marketing on this specific field.

Business track

Business track is for all teams, who are looking to create a  startup on their chosen field of expertise. During the summer, the teams will be provided with the best coaches to train the teams on the necessary skills and attributes to scale up their business.

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What we provide?


During the summer, you will be coached by experts that will guide you through your way to success. Our group of mentors will help you polish your business ideas and skills to the max. By being active, you will also get valuable new contacts for your future career.


What would starting a business be with just listening to lectures? Starting up is hard work and you will get to utilize your skills in practice during our workshops, which vary from basic selling skills to creating your minimal viable product.


 You will spend the whole summer around likeminded, passionate individuals with similar goals.   What would be better? Build relationships that last a lifetime and will be beneficial for everyone through all our careers!


We will make a trip to the annual Ship Startup Festival, where the teams will get the first chance to get their ideas out on the public and win great prizes!


Hard work pays off! The best teams of the summer will be awarded with great prizes to motivate them towards more success in their journey!

Are you ready?

Contact information

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